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A site full of pictures of cars from a bygone era. I've taken these pictures in museums, on shows, festivals, runs and rallyes in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Andorra, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, Austria and the UK

It started when my parents took me to the start of the PAC-run in Zeist in 1978 (I was only 9 then), where I shot my first pictures. From then on I started visiting more events, always taking pictures, so a nice archive has grown from it. And when I found some of my grandparents' picturebooks , I couldn't resist to include some of those pictures featuring cars on the site. You can find these pre-war pics in the "Themes" (From the Family Album)

I've made separate chapters on the different marques, which you can access through the links in the left column.

As you will see, not all information on the cars is complete, so if you can help me, please do. All other comments are also welcome. You can mail me by the link on the left.

Not all pictures are of a great quality but I chose to include them all on the site.

What's new:

-June 2018: pictures from Techno Classica Essen added(*)

All pictures were taken by me (except the B&W which were taken by my family) so copyright applies. If you want to use them in any way, please contact me through the link in the left column This site is non-commercial and has no relationship with any of the marques mentioned.